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Titus 1:10-16 Part 2 – Gospel Deniers

June 23rd, 2009

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In part two of the Titus series Joel tells us about how Paul turned his attention to the kind of people Titus must close down, and why he should do so…

Perhaps to our surprise it is not people who are hardened secularists or idolaters and ‘sinners’ who Paul has in mind, but rather the religious.

There is a difference between the gospel and religion. Titus himself had been through a battle with Gospel deniers. Some of the Jerusalem believers had wanted Titus circumcised. In the end Paul took him there as a test case. (Titus must have been nervous).

The proof is in the fruit of this kind of religion… it is divisive, unsubmissive, argumentative and utterly without evidence of love, ultimately dishonouring to Jesus. People are looking for an argument more than they are looking for Jesus.

Paul talks about why it is necessary to silence them for the health of the church (not very comfortable, and not very English! People don’t like a fight. Except online… or in a letters page…). But it is necessary – whole households are being harmed… Paul is a shepherd, helping us see the difference between the gospel and religion.

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