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Titus 2:1; 3-5; 11-15 Gospel Women

July 20th, 2009

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What is your story?
In this letter Paul is not interested in well behaved women but gospel women. Now that the grace of God has appeared we no longer need to nurture our own story. We are now part of a different story, the greatest story and now, all of us, have a hope to live for. What is your hope?

And What Accords For Older Women?
Older women are to be reverent, living in and carrying the presence of God.They aren’t to be slanderers, it destroys the church. Men can also slander but women more susceptible to that particular temptation.  Being ‘in the know’ really does not matter and is usually inconsequential. Our hope is now in Christ. Slander and gossip less attractive when you’ve seen Jesus.

Teach what is good – its a command. It’s great privilege, a noble gift, to teach women and children. Teach them to know God, train them and bring them to their senses

And What Accords For Young Women?
Submission in our culture only has negative connotations but not in the biblical sense. We worship a Godhead, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit all in relationship. A submissive and gentle spirit is so counter cultural in some contexts (including Brighton) that it can adorn the gospel strikingly and silence objections.

Learn how to be a Gospel Women by following Jesus.

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