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Exodus 33:7-23 My Presence Will Go With You

February 23rd, 2009

The presence of the Holy Spirit is a defining and distinguishing characteristic of the people of God.

The presence of the helper amongst us is compared to Jesus among us. He does the things Jesus does – but (unlike Jesus) does not draw attention to himself. Instead he draws attention to Jesus.

As the presence of God among us, the Holy Spirit anticipates a greater time of fulfilment when God’s presence will be universally known. In this era he actually comes upon us to press us into the ends of the earth (and our city). This creates a tension for us. The Spirit of mission (if we misunderstand him) will keep us from our mission.

There is an attractive ‘missiology’ that sees the church exclusively living for seasons of unusual manifestation – which will solve all our problems. (i.e. revival is when God takes over…). But New Testament missiology is a little different. The Holy Spirit is a missionary: always driving us onwards to the regions and the neighbourhoods beyond. Learning cultures, engaging those cultures and being ready for things to change accordingly.