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Let God Exalt You

June 14th, 2011

1 Samuel 9:1-4, 10:2-16

  • Saul is an amazing man but a tragic figure – his story begins with a great deal of promise. He is an impressive man but his story is very sad and ends tragically. His heart is shown to be something other than what first appeared.
  • The other characters so far have included a lot of bad sons – Eli’s sons, Samuel’s sons, etc. They have not been good or true to their fathers. But here we have Saul who is shown to be a good son – one who works hard for his father and submits to him. Counter-cultural, certainly now in our day and age.
  • Saul worked hard to serve his dad.
  • The donkeys – essential for livelihood. God was involved in the missing donkeys because He wanted to get Saul, to next man he wanted to use.
  • God works even through the “smaller” or less disastrous problems of our life. It’s easier to turn to God in the midst of real pain and suffering, but you can still find God in the other troubles – big and small – in your life. He always has a plan in the midst of it all.
  • An interesting thing to note about Saul – his lack of assumption. His heart towards going to see Samuel seems to be genuinely humble – he didn’t have an agenda.
  • God loves it when He finds humble people. He resists the proud.
  • If you’re faithful with the small, you can be trusted with more.
  • It’s sheer mercy that we get to do anything for God.
  • There seem to be a lot of “coincidences” going on in this story. It is as if God is in control of everything!
  • We can be confident that if God wants to lift up someone, He will.
  • Phil. 2:5-11 – Jesus of all people had a sense of entitlement, but He humbled Himself and God exalted Him.
  • If you pursue your glory independent of God it will not go well for you.
  • 1 Pet. 5:5-7 – humble yourself so that God may exalt you.
  • God wants you to be great but for His purpose and glory.
  • In heaven, all believers will be kings and will reign. God’s preparing us for regal authority.
  • We should desire to do great things for God – that’s a good desire – and you start by humbling yourself. He will exalt you at the proper time.
  • Waiting can be tiring, so God tells us to cast all our cares on Him because He cares for us (1 Pet. 5:5-7). Otherwise your cares will end up killing you! Don’t forget God’s capacity to care for you.
  • Samuel prophesies in detail – Saul is getting confirmation that God is with Him.
  • God will equip and empower us for what He’s called us to do.
  • Saul kept quiet about the promises of being king – he was wisely quiet. We need to do the same – to be wise about what we do with promises we’re given, like Mary did as well. Prov. 18:16.
  • If you’re called to do something, you get on and begin doing it and humbly give yourself to God, like Jesus did.
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