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Hannah’s God

February 2nd, 2011
  • Hannah was a giant in prayer – she learnt how to pray successfully.
  • There is a pressure to be “normal” as defined by society and not take prayer – or God – seriously. But one day we will find out what was truly “normal”.
  • In Hannah’s day Israel was far from God and was a mess, and so Hannah stood out just as much then as she would do now.
  • God has a habit of choosing people and things that society rejects. Psalm 118:22. Build your life on Christ.
  • Hannah makes a remarkable vow to give her son back to God – but she probably didn’t start off praying like this.
  • We usually start off praying asking God to perform tasks for us – to have this thing or get rid of that thing – like God is some kind of cosmic butler, not to have a relationship with but to serve us. Most religion works like this – with God at arm’s length. But the God of the Bible is different – He saved us for relationship and to be known.
  • God does do things for us but He also knows He is the only thing that will ultimately satisfy us, and through answers to pray He wants to get our attention and draw us to Himself.
  • Luke 17:11-19 – all 10 lepers were healed by Jesus but only 1 came back – the other 9 didn’t want to know the real God; their god was healthy skin. Oftentimes we use God to get our real gods – the things we desire the most, more than God.
  • Answered prayers are sometimes like crumbs from the table to get us to come up and feast with the real God.
  • In the process of her affliction and praying, Hannah finds the real treasure, more precious than a child – God Himself.
  • John 15:4-7 – when we abide in Jesus, when we are aligned with Him and His desires, we begin to pray and see it come to pass. We are branches of the Vine – we are supposed to be extensions of Jesus. We can’t be independent branches.
  • We get pruned as being part of the Vine. We submit our life to God and give up claim over it, and God works in us and prunes us.
  • Our heart needs to be that our life exists for God – then we will see our prayer life explode.
  • Jeremiah 33:3.
  • Hannah had to learn this.
  • Hannah starts praying in a different way, calling on God as “O Lord of Hosts”, meaning “God of heaven’s armies” – because in her heart it is more about just having a child but a longing for God’s name being vindicated, and to have a son to dedicate to that cause. Her vision grows so much bigger than just having a baby.
  • It’s not about us but about God’s mission – it’s His battle.
  • We need to meet the God of the armies of heaven.
  • Real obedience comes from trust in a good God. And we know God is good because He gave us HIS Son. Yield to Him.
  • ‘But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.’ (Matt. 6:33)