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Remembering God

May 16th, 2011

1 Samuel 7:3-17

  • V.12 – Samuel commemorates the event of God helping Israel – he’s trying to make it clear that God was the one who won the victory.
  • The book of Judges is repetitive – Israel kept making the same error, kept turning to other gods, and God would teach them by handing them over to those gods and allowing the tribes of those gods to rule over them – and Israel would cry out to God and He would raise up a hero to rescue them. Then Israel repeats the same mistake and never seems to learn.
  • Samuel doesn’t want Israel to make the same mistake this time so he sets us this memorial, “Ebenezer”.
  • We are the same – we tend to wander and drift from God, even when He does great things in our life.
  • Romans 1:21.
  • We all make the same error of not remembering God or giving thanks to Him.
  • Samuel wants to break the cycle of forgetfulness.
  • Phil. 4:6-7 – we find peace through thanksgiving to God.
  • We all have an inbuilt human instinct to give thanks and celebrate the good things that come into our lives.
  • Set up reminders in your life – to get you through the tough times.
  • 3 ways Ebenezers can happen in our life:
  1. The ones that are already there, that already exist to prove God’s work in our life – e.g. healings, miracle children, etc.
  2. The ones we set up – steps we take to commemorate e.g. journaling (the book of Nehemiah is a journal), recording what God has done. Deut. 6 – be a household that commemorates what God has done. Even write down the tough times and then what happened after. Ebenezer was the field where Israel got massacred – shows God’s hand was through it all and that He leads us through all times, even things that don’t make sense. Look for what God is doing through each season of your life – take time to think it through. God’s blessings come to us ripe, in the right time.
  3. The one Jesus gave us – the meal of bread and wine, Communion – to remember what Him and what He did for us, how God dealt with our sin and defeated all our enemies: Satan, sin and death. He is victorious. We can either live in it or forget it. “Eucharist” is another name for Communion and it means “thanksgiving”.