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Prevailing With God

May 23rd, 2011

1 Samuel 7:3-12
• This time looking at how the Israelites won the battle – it was God, He won the battle and Israel played their part. It was the Lord who thundered and threw the Philistines into confusion – He is the hero.
• It is humbling to us – God does the heavy lifting.
• How did God get so involved? Samuel was the great warrior – he prayed and heaven broke loose.
• Throughout history, men of God prayed and saw victory – e.g. Moses who prayed when Joshua was in battle, and he prevailed.
• The great power and efficacy of prayer. We don’t pray to feel spiritual but to know God and get things done.
• God invites us to an adventure of changing the course of events and even history.
• Prayer is not weak, pious, religious escapism or a cop-out for not doing “real” work. Prayer here is continuously fighting and prevailing with God.
• It is one of the privileges of being a Christian.
• It is hard – it’s a discipline and a struggle and a labour. But prayer is also sweet! God is our Dad and loves us.
• The more you press in, you find God is dealing with you and shaping you. We’re often tempted to pray only in the shallows.
• Jesus calls us to pray and not give up.
• We are called to live a life of prayer – living our lives with God and prevailing with Him.
• Prayer is not a spare wheel – it is the steering wheel!
• Turn your passions into prayer. Sometimes we only see prayer as a duty. What do you want? Take it to God – you’ll find out if they’re right or wrong. Take your anger to God in prayer – it’s much easier to just sit around and complain. Pour out your heart to Him!
• James 4 – you do not have because you do not ask.
• Whatever it is that angers and frustrates you can unlock and grow your prayer life.
• Sometimes you have to pray for something for years, even decades.
• Prayer is like a business product that sells really well.
• There is a danger – you can think it’s all about you and what you can achieve in your own strength in prayer.
• Samuel cries out to God on behalf of a desperate people who don’t deserve anything, and he prays for their protection and wellness. He was a sign of Someone who was to come.
• The Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest pray-er – He went back to the Father to pray and intercede for us (Heb. 7:25). He lives to pray and intercede for us. He’s not in heaven doing nothing!
• Before Jesus went to the cross, Peter was so sure of himself that he wouldn’t deny Jesus or turn away. Luke 22:31-32 – Jesus said he had prayed for Peter and that his faith would not fail, not for an easy life. Shows the importance and power of prayer.
• Jesus knows what is valuable, what’s most important about us – it is how much we trust God. All of our problems have come from us not trusting God.
• Jesus’ prayers never get denied!
• 1 Peter 1:6-7 – faith is more precious than gold. Your faith will be tested through trials and fire.
• If you don’t think you can make it, take heart – Jesus went through trials before you and for you, and now prays that you will be able to do the same.
• Romans 8:34.
• Jesus names us before the Father.
• John 17 – Jesus’ great high priestly prayer. This is what He prayed for us.

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