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Jonah 3 Warning

January 29th, 2009

Jonah 3:1 is beautiful. God heals us by sending us again. When we thought we were unsendable (and if you have not come to that point you are certainly unsendable).
Have you heard God’s word to you for Brighton? It’s ringing in our ears.
Why has he sent us? It is (3.3 Hebrew) ‘a great city to God’. He is jealous to have a dwelling – a house – here in this ‘pagan’ place.
Our message, like Jonah’s, is one of warning – and has to be. In Jonah’s case it came with terseness. But God’s mercy can only roll down to wicked cities because of one who came to the city of his rightful throne, knowing it would utterly reject him – and still sobbed out his warnings without relent for their sakes and not for his own.
God will turn people. Some will be within our ‘reach’ and some will surprise us. Kings are destined to shut their mouths because of him (Isaiah 52:1-12). Some big pillars of the temples of our city will become pillars of the church. God has many in this city – in spite of how weak we are as messengers.
How did they respond to God? Be sure to give your heart in repentance and prayer – they ‘called out mightily to God’

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