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Jonah 1:1-10 Defiance

January 12th, 2009

Brighton is a place of worship. But most of the worship is misdirected. God sends us into the city to make it a dwelling for Him.


He sends us to lead the city in true worship. This is a horribly unwelcome calling if we are worshipping the wrong things ourselves. In Jonah’s case it was his own race, background, upbringing, status, comfort and lifestyle. He was entirely unfit to preach about idolatry while he clung to idols himself.


So he ran. ‘Away from the presence of the Lord…’ As if.


Not that it is impossible. God does give up on some people eventually. But this is out of His choice – not ours. If He is after you He can use ANYTHING (including the weather) to reach you.


And awesomely, He can even use our stupidity and rebellion to get his saving work done… The pagan sailors became worshippers!


We can cooperate with Him or not… the one thing we cannot do is thwart him.


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