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How to ruin your life: Can you miss destiny?

October 10th, 2011
  • Saul was a tragic figure – he did not fulfil his potential. Let that not be our story.
  • We may ask, how can we shape our destiny when God is sovereign and in control of everything? The simple answer is – don’t try to be too clever. We are responsible for our own decisions. We must hold these two truths together, even though we can’t fully understand it. God comes down to our level and relates to us like a parent does with a child.
  • God is not thrown by our intelligence or cleverness.
  • God is responsive to our actions. Those who honour God, God honours them.
  • Saul’s heart grew farther and farther away from God – he didn’t fulfil God’s plan for his life.
  • Two ways we can ruin the destiny of our lives:
  1. Avoid Jesus
  • Saul did encounter God in great ways – but he gradually turned away.
  • You can resist God all your life. We are all born to resist, reject and avoid God.
  • Luke 7 – the religious leaders avoided the baptism of John – and it said ‘they rejected the purpose of God for themselves’.
  • In being too clever and proud we can be in real danger of missing out on God’s plan for us.
  • The heart is the issue – we make up all kinds of excuses for avoiding God and we think our rejection of Him is all intellectual – but the real issue is our heart that is fundamentally against God.
  • Left to ourselves we don’t truly want God – or even heaven, the place where Jesus lives and rules over absolutely everything.
  • Sin is basically saying God is not important enough for us, is not as important as we are. Therefore we are all sinners.
  1. Drifting
  • Saul gradually lost his priority with God.
  • We can so easily do this – it is incredibly easy. All we have to do is not keep God the focus.
  • We can drift in very subtle ways.
  • Let us fix our minds on Jesus.
  • You can drift by letting distractions carry you away.
  • It’s possible to be saved by to miss what God saved you for.
  • The Saviour of the world who was the great son of David was supposed to be the son of Saul.
  • God has signed you up for custom-made plans.
  • Israel refused to trust God and they put Him to the test several times. Therefore they didn’t reach the destiny God had for them and they died in the desert.
  • Don’t be presumptuous about the promises/plans/calling of God – both individually and us as a church.
  • Desire to do something with your life.
  • 1 Corinthians 11 – Paul talks about the people who were sick and dying as judgement for messing around with communion. God doesn’t want a ludicrous Church. He judges His Church and may bring some home early, like taking them off the pitch.
  • If you’ve messed up for your life and have been resisting God, there is hope. Saul was told off so that he might change and repent.
  • God is more long-suffering and merciful than we think. His ways are not our ways.
  • King David messed up horrendously – but he repented and turned back to God and God took away his sin, and the plan for David’s life continued.

Jesus died on the cross so we could find grace and be able to turn back to Him.

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