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Evil, Music & Grace

January 30th, 2012


1 Samuel 16:14-23
  • Curious passage – involves a “harmful spirit from God”. Seems contradictory.
  • We would be tempted to think the Bible is contradictory and mythical. The idea of a devil is not a modern idea – has been made more into a bit of a joke with the image of a red cartoon figure. But if you were the devil, you’d probably want people to think you were too silly to exist.
  • The greatest trick the devil ever pulled as convinced the world he didn’t exist – at least in the Western world.
  • When Jesus was on earth He helped people who were tormented by demons. Satanic power is real.
  • Using the devil as an excuse for doing wrong – not how it works. We are responsible for our own actions – e.g. Judas who was influenced by Satan but made his own decision.
  • Romans 1:24-25 – everyone has rejected God as the authority over their lives. We don’t trust Him but rather want to be our own masters.
  • God does not take away our free will but allows us to reject Him and gives us over to what we want, in the hope that we will see how bad it gets and turn to Him.
  • When we reject God we give ourselves over to another master. We become a slave to what we thought would make us free and give us control.
  • Saul is being given over to his turning away from God – now influenced more by evil.
  • Matt. 18:34-35 – unforgiveness leads you to handing yourself over to tormentors (the “jailers”).
  • Who or what have you been giving yourself over to for years? It will have you. You will be a servant of something.
  • God is in control even of the bad spirits – this is not dualism, Satan is not equal to Him. God is above all and can even use the evil to accomplish His plans.
  • Here we see that music has spiritual power.
  • Music has an awful lot to do with who we really are.
  • There are some clues in the Bible to suggest why music is powerful:
  • The morning stars sang together when God created – sense of celebration, what words cannot convey.
  • The earth is going to be recreated. Isaiah 55:12 – creation will sing and make sound! Creation now groans.
  • Music can cause people to think there is more to life than what we see.
  • Col. 3:16 – we are to sing!
  • V.23 – clue to a lack in this kind of therapy: Saul goes to a musician and it works there & then but it doesn’t last.
  • We see later in 1 Sam. 18:10-11 that the therapy is wearing off.
  • That’s the best any kind of therapy or cosmetic solution will do – you can’t soothe a volcano. The music was not God!
  • God gives us good things to enjoy – food, friends, music, beautiful places – but their capacity to give you joy is limited. These gifts are to lead you the Giver, God.
  • We want these things to serve us – our greatness or comfort.
  • Saul has turned in on in himself and he’s losing control.
  • Even religious people can do this – church just gives them a nice feeling but they never repent or change and they’re heading towards danger, giving themselves over to wickedness.
  • If you want to be changed by God you need to entrust your whole life to Him, give everything over to Him. It will be painful but only for a time. God wants to set you free to be the person He made you to be.
  • Saul decided that God can’t be trusted. You need to decide whether God is trustworthy.
  • What Saul needed wasn’t David but the Great Descendant of David – Jesus.
  • Jesus took the groans of all creation on that cross so that we could sing and enjoy the song of redemption. It was only possible because of what He did at the cross.











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