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Inheriting the Promise (Part 2) – Joshua 6:1-19, 20-21, 24, 26-27

August 11th, 2009

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By way of a recap, Moses had led God’s people to the brink of the promised land and Joshua, taking the mantle of leadership from Moses at his death, now had responsibility of taking hold of the promised inheritance.  The first obstacle that lay in the path of God’s people was the fortified city of Jericho.  God had said it was theirs for the taking, because He had given it to them.  Joshua believed God, took him at his word, and the walls came down!

But this is so much more than simply a story of God’s power.  As with every page of the bible, the central character, Jesus, is pointed at, paralleled and foreshown for our understanding of God’s great plan to reconcile mankind through His son.

1) First things first: our greatest need is to have the walls of sin removed from our lives. Then can follow lasting joy, peace and forgiveness.  Confess your sin to God and to one another.

2) Finished before it began:  the taking of Jericho was a done deal in Joshua’s eyes. Despite the apparent strength of the walls, Israel put their trust in a faithful God.  For us, sin and death are mighty walls, but they have been defeated at the cross. Despite not living in complete fullness, one day we will.  We know who the winner is!

3) Follow the leader:  the name Joshua means Jesus in Hebrew, and this whole story points towards Joshua as being a type of Jesus.  Joshua did exactly what he was told.  He knew where the instructions were coming from, despite ridicule from inside and outside the camp.  It was the same for Jesus.  He was criticised for not taking Jerusalem by force, pilloried for appearing to take it on the chin.  But he took it on the cross, ‘making a spectacle’ of the principalities and powers.  This was a great display of submission in the God-head, and it is a model of how we are to relate to one another.

4) Favour undeserved:  God had already decided to give the people the city of Jericho  This was their inheritance.  He chose them and favoured them.  He has also chosen us and favoured us, an equally undeserving (ill-deserving!) people.  Our inheritance comes from Jesus and he has given us everything for life.  Let this incredible truth motivate you for worship!

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