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1 Corinthians 2: 1-5 Alternative Speech

October 19th, 2009

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The Dangers of Great Words

In Corinth there was a celebrity culture, people desired to be public speakers. This was an excuse for pride.

Impressive rhetoric and great oratory can get in the way of the gospel. The powerful thing that needs to be heard is Jesus. The Bible is all about him.

Life is all about him. Our preaching is not here to offer good advice alone but instead offer Christ. When Jesus is at the centre everything else takes shape.

The Place of Great Words

Paul & God are not anti eloquence. Eloquence is good but when it replaces God it becomes an idol.
People think Jesus and the church is anti creative. It’s not. Very gifted creative people can be in the church but they need humility to seek Christ first not the gift.
Paul was still keen to perusade and could use impressive oratory to do this but Paul used his skillful gifts under
the lordship of Christ.

The Way God Speaks

God speaks through servants who are aware of their own weaknesses and failings. Those that are totally dependent on God’s power.

Preachers are weak, they need the Holy Spirit to make any impression. God is working through us all the time. Our foolish words of witness can be used by God to shape and impact lives.

God could have spoken in any way he wanted, he didn’t even have to speak.
God chose to come among us through Jesus Christ.

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