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A Ransom for Many

February 16th, 2011

Mark 10:13-16, 35-45

  • Carrying on the theme of “why Jesus came to die” and why it is significant for us all
  1. What He came to do
  • Jesus came to serve not to be served
  • He is saying: look at what I’m going to do for you – this is the heart of everything
  • Vs 45: He came to give His life
  • Jesus is different from other world religion’s founders – they were successful but their deaths were different – the Jewish dictionary states that Jesus’ enemies defeated Him
  • When the disciples realised what Jesus had done, they proclaimed it
  • Challenge: has the penny dropped for you yet?
  1. Why He came to do it
  • As a ransom for us
  • In ancient times a ransom was paid to free slaves – Jesus paid a spiritual ransom, He paid a debt for us, died a death we should have died
  • Objection – I don’t want to be controlled – Jesus said we’re all slaves to something – the disciples were slaves to status and position – Jesus said if it isn’t Him we will run dry
  • Jesus set our hearts free but sometimes we’re free and yet have run dry – we must get back to the Cross – Paul says it is the heart of everything
  • We’re addicted to what people think of us
  • Often to forgive someone there is a cost
  • If God just forgave us He wouldn’t be just, but if he didn’t forgive us He wouldn’t be loving
  • Jesus’ death means the debt is paid and we can receive forgiveness
  • Ghandi: doesn’t believe Jesus’ death has any bearing on his life but it is a good example of follow à this will crush us because His life was perfect
  • Why do we live our life according to morality? Jesus has set us free! Look to the cross
  • Jesus saved and liberated us
  • Jesus wants us to know He died for us, how much He sacrificed for us
  • If anyone is thinking “here we go again”, they have lost sight of the Gospel
  • Jesus gave His life to show us how much He loves us
  • What Jesus did only works if you accept Him into your life
  • What is the one reason you that means you can’t accept Jesus? One person you can’t forgive? Jesus died for it
  1. How can we personally connect?
  • Jesus said come as children – not childish, but child-like
  • To get Jesus, we must come needing to depend on Him completely
  • We are fully accepted and loved by Jesus
  • Jesus has seen us at our absolute worst, and still loves us and died for us
  • When we accept Jesus He doesn’t leave us as orphans, He sends us the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus said all who call on His name will be saved
  • We must make a response, right now.
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