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The Warrior Part 2

February 20th, 2012
  • We consistently face the challenge of taking on the status quo or the prevailing way of doing things.
  • Or we have opposition, like David had his bother Eliab.
  • How did David prevail against Goliath? Faith. He was a man of faith and the Bible teaches that faith is the way to please God and He looks for it.
  • How can we learn to grow in this gift? We take faith to be something it isn’t. The secular world sees faith as something we believe when we know that it’s untrue but faith is a deep persuasion of things that we know to be true. Hebrews 11:1
  • We see God’s hand in creation, in our circumstances, God speaks to us and we have evidence of Jesus Christ.
  • 1 Sam 17:46 – live under peace about what God’s going to do.

Faith is characterised by:

Glorifying God

  • Spend time obsessing about him and get taken up with it – you will grow in faith.
  • Abraham was given children even though he was old. God told him he was going to be a father of many nations – Romans 4:18-21. Abraham grew in faith by giving glory to God

Taking the word of God seriously

  • Samuel 17: 26 – We are a people of God and enemies should be driven out.
  • Most people in the world think the bible is embarrassing. We are always trying to build a bridge between the bible and culture.
  • Listen to God’s word and live by it. The Devil undermines God’s word.
  • Jesus says ‘it is written’. Living in confidence grows your faith.

Taking Risks

  • Our faith is expressed by our actions.
  • David takes risks – he ran toward the battle and had courage.
  • Faith causes us to see things differently when making decisions. Our perspective is changed.
  • The David and Goliath story can be depressing –‘search for the hero inside yourself’ but you won’t find him.
  • We (should) find ourselves in Goliath’s shoes in this story – left to ourselves, that’s what we are, we defy the will of God and his Glory to exalt ourselves. Rom 1:21.
  • People who think they are Davids rather than Goliaths are wrong – ‘nice people’ meet God in the bible and tremble at the presence of God.
  • Cities like Brighton need to recover the shock of the holiness of God.
  • Rev 19:11-16 Jesus is a terrifying Jesus – do not reduce him to Jesus ‘meek and mild’. His best friend fell on the floor like he was dead.
  • One day we will face him – we have all replaced God with ourselves and should be terrified.
  • We should long that God reveal himself to those around us.
  • We need to repent which is bad news and we need to see the bad news before we see the good news
  • The lady was about to be stoned for adultery but Jesus asked ‘whichever of you is without sin’. Jesus knew he was going to take the blame, He knew the part he was going to play and was able to say ‘your sins are forgiven’.
  • Col 2:13-15. Every single piece of guilt and shame was nailed to the cross with Jesus
  • Peter turned into Goliath and cursed Jesus’ name because he tried too much to be like David.


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The Warrior Part 1

February 7th, 2012

1 Samuel 17:1-30

  • This is one the most well-known, great stories of the Bible. The core message of the story – the weak defeating the strong – has been retold countless times in books, films, etc.
  • We automatically rise to this story – we love to hear it. Strange though – the weak triumphing over the strong goes against the modern, atheistic notion idea of survival of the fittest.
  • One of Richard Dawkins’ famous statements – “there is no meaning, no good, just ‘blind pitiless indifference’ and random chance”. But deep down we feel there must be good and meaning in life.
  • There must be some story to this universe, some purpose – we know this deep down. Our sentiments betray this knowledge.
  • God has a purpose and a plan through history. Nobody would’ve known how God would plan to take down evil – through weakness and humility. He humbled Himself and became weak in order to defeat the giant of sin, death and evil. Jesus is the Greater David.
  • The Bible is teaching us that we are in a war – we face battles, we have to fight – even truer if you’re a Christian. You made an enemy when you became a Christian – an evil, wicked enemy who doesn’t play by the rules. We are enlisted for war.
  • Matt. 10:34.
  • Following Jesus is meant to be a battle – He said it would be.
  • Most of the heroes in the Bible were soldiers, who lived by the sword. There’s a hint there.
  • Christianity is not a passive walk but an active one.
  • However weak you are, you are in Christ and He wins and has the victory.
  • Preparation to reign.
  • 2 Tim. 4:7 – Paul summarises his life as a fight.
  • The first enemy David has to face is the status quo. The Israelites seemed to just hope that Goliath would go away – they won’t face him.  David challenges that prevailing mindset of “just coast and cope” that they’d had for 40 days.
  • Being a Christian is the same – often you have to go against the status quo, even in the church! Often the church gets passive and someone has to rise up and challenge it.
  • We always need courage to follow Jesus in order to keep moving forward. Courage is often the thing we least appreciate. Maybe there’s been a Goliath you’ve been staring at for ages; courage is needed.
  • David had to press through.
  • Specific courage David needed – in the battle with his own brother, Eliab.
  • We all have “big brothers” / “Eliabs” who have the ability to drain all the confidence out of us because we so crave their approval. Who is the Eliab in your life? We all have to face it – Jesus even had to face it, also from his own brothers.
  • Jesus said “woe to you when all men speak well of you”.
  • Matt. 10:35-39.
  • Jesus and the Bible are very pro-family – but not putting family and their approval above God.
  • You’ll be surprised who opposes you (e.g. Lord Shaftsbury who opposed William Booth, when effectively they were on the same mission).
  • David’s reaction isn’t defensive – he doesn’t care about his own honour or reputation but about God’s.
  • People who know God and the security they have in Him are very hard to take down.
  • The worst people can at about you is not as bad as the truth!
  • God knows everything about you – all the dirt – but what does He do with it? Jesus died for it and justified us.
  • Remember who you are: a sinner by yourself but justified and righteous in Christ.
  • Don’t be an Eliab – why do you need to drag people down? Remember what Jesus did for you.
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